Ardee has the unusual distinction of having two castles. Previously on the northern edge of the Pale, Ardee boasts two 13th century castles on its main street. An easy distinction can be made between the two castles: Ardee Castle has square corners while Hatch's Castle has round corners.

Ardee's name come from the legend Tain Bo Cuailnge which involved the fight between Cuchulainn and Ferdia. Between the 12th and 17th century it was in the hands of the English until the O'Neills took it over and James II used it as headquarters for months prior to the Battle of the Boyne. Ardee Castle is in the process of being restored and will house a museum on completion while Hatch's Castle is still a private residence.

There is a legend surrounding the Jumping Church of Kildemock which maintains that on a stormy night in 1715, the walls of the church jumped two feet inwards from their original foundations to exclude an excommunicated member of the church who had been buried in the walls of the church. However all that remains now are the ruins. Despite this, it attracts many visitors because of the story behind the church.

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