Gaelic Football Kerry vs Cork

Gaelic Football Kerry vs Cork


The big showdown between defending national champs Kerry vs. Cork. Played out at Fitzgerald Stadium in Killarney.

How to get there

Fitzgerald Stadium is a 10-minute walk from the town center, at the top of Lewis Rd.

By car:

From Tralee, take N22 south.

From Kenmare, take N71 north.

By bus:

See website for all current travel details and restrictions.

Opening times

Game at 2PM. Gates open at 11AM.

Admission Fees

Covered Stand : €35 

Uncovered Stand: €30 

Terrace Adult: €20 

Terrace Concession: €15 

Family Ticket: Adult €35, €30, Juvenile €5


Fitzgerald Stadium

Killarney, Co. Kerry

My experience

The game looks like a cross between basketball, rugby, and soccer – lots of dribbling and legal traveling and can those boys kick a ball ! Gaelic football predates all of those sports. It helps to know what is going on – here are the general rules:

  1. The ball can be carried in your hands for four steps distance and can be kicked or "hand-passed", a hand or fist striking motion.
  2. After every four steps, the ball must be either bounced on the ground or "solo-ed", an amazing move of dropping the ball onto your foot and kicking it back into your own hands.
  3. You cannot bounce the ball twice in a row.
  4. Most importantly, to score: you put the ball over the crossbar by foot or hand/fist for one point. Or put the ball under the crossbar and into the net by foot or the hand/fist for a goal for three points.

I had plenty of time to understand the sport. It was truly football galore – there was a pre-game played by 18 year olds from opposing teams, then the real game, and then a kiddy game at half time. Heaven for a serious fan of football.

Sitting in the stands was a grand, old-fashioned experience. It was incomparable to the overly commercialized, American equivalent. Fans of opposing teams treated each other very cordially – they sat beside one another, letting the game be fought on the field, not in the stands. No alcohol is allowed in the stadium. No oodles of overpriced refreshments, there we just a few basic ones offered. I regretted not bringing own picnic and bottled water. A live, 20-piece marching band entertained the crowd of 30,000. They rallied the crowd just fine. I was happy to not hear a single pumped up audio intrusion blared from the loudspeakers. Nice open-air stadium, and we got some sun. Note: be sure to prepare for the weather next time, just in case. All and all, it was fun and my curiosity about Gaelic football quenched.

Written by Liz O' Malley - Summer of Travel 2007


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