Road Signs

Road Signs


Whilst here on your self drive Ireland Vacation you will encounter a number of road signs on your way. Irish road signs range from regulatory traffic signs (usually red and white) the motorway and mandatory traffic signs indicating traffic direction (white on blue background) both of which must be obeyed to warning signs in yellow and black that reveal an upcoming road hazard such as dangerous corners ahead. Road signs also include helpful tourist friendly signs highlighting places of interest as well as the directional road signs found at junctions that will direct you to the nearest town or region.

Whilst many of these road signs you will encounter on a road trip in Ireland are universal and may appear similar to those found generally in Europe and the US it is worth noting the differences and exceptions. For instance in Ireland the “Give Way” sign (a red downward pointing triangle on a white background), will read as “Yield” and in some gaeltacht (irish speaking) areas where many road signs are printed as gaeilge (in Irish) it appears as “Géill Slí”.

The many road signs you encounter on roads and urban streets will help to alert you to changes in the road up ahead as well as informing you of traffic or pedestrian restrictions. By getting to know or be aware of the many road signs you encounter on your Ireland vacation beforehand, you can ensure your stay in Ireland is as hassle free as possible.


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