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Spiddal is located about 12 miles west of Galway and is the true start of the Irish-speaking part of South Connemara . Spiddal is probably best known for Colaiste Chonnacht to which students come from all over Ireland and the world to learn the Irish language, culture and traditions. The village name is thought to have come from Ospideal, meaning hospital, named after a hospital within the village many centuries ago.

Many people come to Spiddal during the summer months just to relax and enjoy the unique scenery as well as the traditional music in the local pubs. Other come to enjoy some of the activities in the area. Galway Golf Club is just a short drive from Spiddal, while the village itself has boats for hire as well as windsurfing and shore fishing .

give-way-gaelic.jpg One thing to note is that, sometimes during the summer, the narrow roads can be busy as the road through Spiddal is one of the few that lead to the heart of Connemara, and many at this time of the year look to experience the beauty of the region. Accomodation is available in the Connemara area but booking is advisable with the other possible alternative to return to Galway city for the evening.

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