Toll Roads in Ireland

Toll Roads in Ireland


There are currently (June 2010) 9 toll roads in the Republic of Ireland with the toll for a standard passenger car ranging from €1.70 to €10.
Road Tolls were reintroduced in Ireland in 1984 when the East Link Bridge was opened in Dublin crossing the Liffey from North Wall to Ringsend.

Since then most major road projects have been developed with a toll charge in place.

The current tolled roads are as follows:

- East Link (Dublin City)
- M50 (Dublin West)
- M1 (Drogheda Bypass, County louth)
- M4 (County Meath)
- M6 (County Galway)
- M7/M8 Junction (County Laois)
- M8 (County Cork)
- M25 (Waterford City Bypass)
- Dublin Port Tunnel (Dublin City)


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