Automated Teller Machines

Automated Teller Machines

Probably the easiest way to manage your money during your stay in Ireland is to use your bank card at an ATM machine. As well as being convenient, you will not have to carry a lot of cash with you during your stay and also the rate of exchange at ATMs is usually better than at the bank counter or other Bureaux de Change. There is a vast network of ATMs in Ireland so you will never have a problem finding one. You can use many types of card at ATM machines in Ireland. If you have a card that is part of the Plus/Visa or Cirrus/Mastercard network you will have no problem finding a machine as all ATMs in Ireland are part of this network. If your card has any of the symbols below, you will be able to use any ATM in Ireland. If you are unsure whether your card will work in Ireland, ask your bank before your departure.

Of course you can use travelers checks or exchange cash, but these methods are not as convenient as using ATM's during a trip to Ireland.


Most shops, gas stations and restaurants accept credit cards. The main credit cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Eurocard are the most popular. Diners Club cards are less widely accept and you are likely to have problems using a Discover card as they are not really used in Ireland.

  • Visa, MasterCard and American Express are widely accepted.
  • Diners Club card is accepted at a limited number of establishments.
  • Discover is generally not accepted in Ireland.

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