Books of Irish Interest

Books of Irish Interest

The following is just a small selection of the many books of Irish interest available from

  Ireland : A Concise History
Very generously illustrated and yet certainly not superficial. This husband and wife team know their Ireland inside out and are both topnotch writers. Maire MacEntee is one of the most eminent Irish language poets alive and her husband is very well known as a scholar and essayist. Read and enjoy!
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  A Short History of Ireland
First published in 1983, this revised and extended edition stresses the importance of the pre-Norman Gaelic "golden age", the conflicts during the violence of the Viking invasions and the upheavals of the Tudor period as well as the later struggles for national identity and independence.
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  The Chieftains : The Authorized Biography
Learn about how the Chieftains came into being and discover a wealth of knowledge about traditional Irish music. Before I read this book I liked the sound, but I didn't know too much about where it had come from. Now, through the insights of John Glatt, I have come to appreciate it at a much higher level.
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  The Companion to Irish Traditional Music
The Companion to Irish Traditional Music represents a landmark in the study of one of the Western world's most universally recognisable forms of cultural expression. This ambitious volume comes at a time when Irish music and culture is experiencing a genuine renaissance, as evidenced by the popularity of such phenomena as Riverdance.
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Ulysses (Modern Library Series)
To this day it remains the modernist masterpiece, in which the author takes both Celtic lyricism and vulgarity to splendid extremes. It is funny, sorrowful and even suspenseful. Even the verbal vaudeville of the final chapters can be navigated with relative ease, as long as you're willing to be buffeted, challenged, and vexed by Joyce's sheer command of the English language.
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Penguin Book of Irish Fiction
Literary brilliance is one of the most enduring and cherished of Irish stereotype and as much a part of the national landscape as pubs and bad weather but Toibin manages to keep the beer from turning green in his judicious and very comprehensive selection that encompasses more than a hundred authors from the 17th century to the present.
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  The Book of Irish Families
This is the master volume to a 32 volume set on Irish Families, the largest collection of Irish Family History ever compiled. (This volume includes family histories from every county in Ireland. Subsequent volumes go into even more detail on a county by county basis.) Also included in this master volume is the entire index for the first five volumes in the set.
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  O'Baby : The Irish Baby Name Book
Ireland is famous for its beauty, its magic and its lyrical names. This one-of-a-kind baby name book offers hundreds of choices for parents-to-be. From ancient to modern names and from popular to rare, this handy resource includes A-to-Z listings on a variety of themes, such as names for redheads, brunettes and blondes; famous Irish personages; Irish saints; magic, myth and legend; Celtic animals and plants; historical events and literature; and alternate spellings.
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