Group Testimonials

Group Testimonials

Cynthia Browne Group 2009

Image: Sylvia Browne/Smith Events Group August 2009

We regularly receive feedback from our Guests, here is a selection of comments from Guests who have booked Group Vacations with us:

Hi Suzanne,

Thanks for working this out. The arrangements were excellent. Again, I deeply appreciate your efforts. We are back home now, and my experience with you and Discovering Ireland Vacation was excellent in every regard. All of the hotels were nice--the Malton hotel in Killarney was our favorite!
Group Vacation Ireland - Singing Men of ArkansasWe enjoyed a wonderful working relationship with Discovering Ireland Vacation. The hotel and motor coach arrangements were excellent and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Ireland. We had to make several last-minute additions to our traveling group and Discovering Ireland Vacation handled those details swiftly and gracefully. We are very pleased with Discovering Ireland Vacation and hope to be able to use them again on future trips.
Jim Paul,
Business Manager, Singing Men of Arkansas - April 2010

Hello Suzanne,

We had a fabulous time.

Steve was great! Not only was he very informative but entertaining as well.
We thoroughly enjoyed his company and we would request him if we find ourselves lucky enough to return. My Guide Ireland is very fortunate to have him on their team.

I am really pleased with all of the attractions we had a chance to visit. I am especially grateful you recommended Clonmacnoise. That was one of the highlights of the trip.

The coach was very clean and comfortable and the Wi-Fi was an addition that made many in our group very happy. And I have to add, we were all extremely mpressed with Steve's driving skills. The way he maneuvered the coach was simply amazing.

Looking back I am not sure I would have book so many attractions. We seemed to spend a lot of time in the bus and that began to wear on people. It also didn't leave enough time for shopping. Not for me but for some in the
group. Also, the Cobh museum left a little to be desired. It was very informative but was the least favorite of all. I would not include that in the future.

The rugby match was a huge hit. Everyone who went loved it. We now have rugby fanatics in our family. We are actually following the 6 Nations Tournament from here. Special thanks to the guys in your office who recommended it.

I really appreciate all of the time and hard work you put into planning our vacation. I know we were really difficult in the planning but we all feel we had the vacation of a lifetime . I am grateful to your patients and kindness in the planning process.

Like I said early if we find ourselves lucky enough to be able to return to Ireland we will definitely look you up for the planning and request Steve as our guide.

Oh, and I can't leave out this out. My son came in 9th place at the All Ireland Dance Championship. We couldn't be prouder!

Thanks for helping with the memories of a lifetime that we created during our visit.

With warmest regards,

Maura Dashewich Group February 2010
Hi Suzanne

Our trip could not have been any better. Thank you so much for all of the help with our planning . Steve, our driver, and the bus were better than I ever dreamed possible. Our favorite place to stay was The Butler House on Kilkenny. WE loved each place but wish we had stayed in Adare Manor rather than the Townhouses. Our weather was perfect and in Dublin we bought Heritage Cards so our admissions were almost nothing. Every single one of us thought it was our favorite trip, even all of the kids. They not only had a good time but learned a tremendous amount.

Thank you so much

Ann Wilson Family Renunion July 2009

Greetings Suzanne,

Thank you for setting up such a wonderful trip, we all loved it. You are terrific at what you do.

Sincerely, David

Sylvia Browne/Smith Events Group, August 2009

Dear Jeanette,

Everyone arrived back to the USA safe and sound. The consensus of the entire group was that they had a wonderful time in Northern Ireland. Ruby and I want to thank you for making all of the arrangements for us. Everything went like clockwork. The hotels, and the meals were outstanding. All the tours and the guides were excellent. In the Derry City Hotel, the assistant manager, Gary Griffith, had his daughter dance for us in the lobby of the hotel. The tour guide, Elliott, at the Causeway was fantastic, as were Tony Henderson in Derry, and Barbara Ferguson in Armagh. Barbara did a very good job describing both denominations of the Christian faith. The group came away with a better understanding of Christian Ireland. She was a delightful lady.

whiteside-tour.jpg Our coach driver, John Hickey, was superb. He made the trip for us. He was helpful, informative and also lots of fun with his sense of humor, and often went out of his way looking for Whiteside name places. Everyone in the group thought he was top notch, as all in the group have been on many travel tours. I intend to send an email to the Kennedy Coach Co..about John and how helpful he was. Personally, he made my job a lot easier from beginning to end. (we even sang a few duets together)

Thelma and I visited Northern Ireland in 2000. Since then, there have been a lot of changes in Northern Ireland (all for the good). Everyone was impressed, not only with the beautiful scenery, but also with the people that we came in contact with, be in the hotels or out touring. They were so friendly and welcoming. Above all, they seemed to genuinely like Americans, and that made me very happy. If the WFA decide to return to tour the republic of Ireland and Scotland in the future, I will certainly recommend Discovering Ireland Vacation to them.

Once again, thank you for your patience and all that you did to make this trip a success. We were able to see and do everything that we planned to do, and much more. The ladies even had a chance to do some shopping!! I am sorry that we weren't able to spend more time with you in Belfast.

Joe K. Whiteside, September 2007

PS I will be sending a group picture to you as soon as we sort them out.
Dear Suzanne,

We made it home safely thank you. Some of our group are still in the southern part of Ireland, some have gone to Scotland and one couple has gone to Romania to meet up with a volunteer organization.

We had a great time on the tour and enjoyed seeing all the things you planned for us. The highlight was the time spent at Castle Caulfield. Of course that was our main objective. The photographer was really nice and spent a lot of time with us taking pictures. The hotels were all very good. It was nice to have tour guides at the different attractions. We enjoyed Paddy. He made sure we made it to all the things we were to see and he had done his homework in telling us about the area and pointing out things to see as we were driving. On the day we went to Castle Caulfield we decided to have a picnic. He told us where to buy groceries in Derry and got us to a nice picnic spot. I would recommend Paddy to anyone.

toni-pool.jpg There are a few things we could have done differently. This was a learning experience for us. We would have liked more than one night at a few of the stops. We packed a lot of things in for the week we were there. We should have booked more than a week but some only had a week to be gone. We would have liked to have had more time to shop. When we got to our destination for the night, most of the shops were closed. It was nice to have two nights in Galway. A few stayed in Galway when we went to Connemara. But I wouldn't have missed Connemara. It was beautiful. The golfers were disappointed in the golf course they picked. But they had an adventure. One fell in the bog looking for his ball and they had lots of funny stories to tell. They might have stayed in Galway to golf. Friday night in Galway was fun. We had fish and chips at McDonagh's and saw street performers. There was a parade of dragons that was fun too.

The company you booked for my family to get to the airport on Saturday was excellent. They picked us up at the hotel on time and had us to the airport in plenty of time. The guy (Seamus) that drove the car I was in was real talkative and pointed out the sights along the way.

I would say, thanks to you, we had a very successful and enjoyable trip. I enjoyed working with you and you made an excellent plan for us.

Toni Pool, July 2007

The trip was so fulfilling I can't put it into words. We truly had an mazing time. Thanks for all that you and Jeanette did to make it great.

The only complaint that anyone had was the quality of the hotel in Kinsale. The beds were of poor quality, the bathrooms were not quite finished being cleaned, and it didn't seem that anyone had a complete set of towels.

Outside of that, Ray was a fantastic driver. He made the tour fun, informative, and interesting. It seemed that he picked up on our personalities and likes/dislikes pretty quickly so that he'd know how to handle the trip and where to take us/what to show us. He is a credit to Kennedy Coaches. Keep him on your short list of drivers for your tours.

We will definitely be coming back, not sure how soon it will be, but we were already discussing it before the trip was over. When we do, I will look you up and be in touch.

Brian McGuinness Clan, July 2007

To CEO and Founder Conor B. Buckey

Earlier this month eight couples traveled for eleven days through Ireland; then my husband Garner and I had 6 extra days with another couple. We are grateful to Discovering Ireland Vacation. Ireland 2006 was incredible!
We send our heartfelt thanks for a most memorable trip; the Irish hospitality, the educational sites, our extraordinary Guide David Costello of Kennedy Coaches, the fine Irish cuisine and the fun shopping all created incredible memories for us. Discovering Ireland Vacation is to be congratulated for having Groups' Manager Suzanne Byrne and her Associate Jeanette on staff; their expertise, patience, efficiency and support were indeed appreciated. Best wishes for continued success!

Judi Mihata Group, Sacramento CA, September 2006
Greetings Suzanne,

What a wonder tour you organized for us! Thank you for your true professionalism.
All hotels were excellent,
The drivers/guides form both buses were excellent.
Once again, what a great trip you planned
Overall, a 10 out of 10, thank you.

David Smith - August 2006
Business Partner of Caroline Myss - New York Times Award Winning Writer and Author.
Hi Suzanne

Firstly, let me say how much we enjoyed meeting you, and I know everyone in the group appreciates all your work on our behalf. You'll be pleased to know that everyone had a wonderful trip, some even stating it was the best trip they had ever taken. London was even better than any of us expected. The Burns Kensington hotel was conveniently located near a tube station and the staff at the hotel were more than accommodating to us.

There was no shortage of things to do in London--something for everyone. We crammed in as much as we could in the relatively short two and a half days. All agreed that they would love to spend much more time there, despite the very high cost of living.

Dublin was a change of pace for us, a nice transition from London. Once again our hotel--Mont Clare-- was situated centrally and provided excellent service. Dublin is a beautiful city, Temple Bar is always crowded with tourists (like us!). We all found plenty to do and see in the Dublin area, and several in the group have since taken a keen interest in Irish history as a result. The exhibit of the Book of Kells at Trinity is awe inspiring. A number of us were also delighted to visit Davy Byrnes pub on Duke Street and partake in some of the Bloomsday (June 16th) activities.Our week of hiking in County Kerry could not have been better. Our guide, Noel O'leary, was absolutely delightful. He was very knowledgeable professional, patient, helpful, and possessed a refreshing sense of humor. The weather held for the entire week and each day's hike provided us with spectacular land and seascapes as well as historical sites and monuments. We were all very impressed with the natural beauty of the Kerry area.Westfield House in Killorglin was even better than I remembered from the last time we were there. Marie and Leonard Clifford were the perfect hosts. The guest rooms were spacious and airy, and the meals were exceptional. I heard only highest praise of Westfield House and the service provided by Leonard and Marie. They truly represent Irish hospitality at its best.In sum, the trip was an overwhelming success and everyone in our group is truly appreciative of your efforts and the arrangements made for us by you and Discovering Ireland Vacation. Personally, I have only the highest praise for you and the professional services you have extended to us. I certainly will encourage anyone in our community wishing to travel to Ireland to call upon Discovering Ireland Vacation for assistance
in planning their trip.

Very best regards, Bill Hussey, Las Vegas, US.

I was asked to be a faculty advisor on a student planned trip to Ireland. The original travel planners had made some serious and costly logistical mistakes. When the students came to me for help, time was short and the budget was gone. A friend referred me to Discovering Ireland Vacation, and Suzanne and crew came to the rescue. We rearranged ground travel and accommodations at the last minute and managed to keep costs down. We had a private coach and a great driver. The support provided by Discovering Ireland Vacation was wonderful, and, in particular, Suzanne's extra effort made our trip a success. Next time, I will do all I can to make sure that the process STARTS with Discovering Ireland Vacation."

Political Science Students from University of South Dakota' Summer 2005

I can hardly express my joy and gratitude for an overwhelmingly successful "Pilgrim Journey".
Discovering Ireland Vacation is super from beginning to end.
Between us we managed to put together a most interesting tour, on several levels; Religious, scenic, historic and social. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and that was the unanimously expressed opinion. You deserve our sincere thanks.

The Fr Kevin De Loughry Group from Trinidad, June 2004.

We had a great time! Clifden was beautiful and the location of Sunnybank House was perfect. Everyone could come and go as they pleased since we didn't need to drive to town.
Your help in putting this together for our group of 26 was nothing short of fabulous! I couldn't have done it without you. Thanks for all your help. When we do this again we will definitely call you.

Thanks again for all your help.

Paul O'Connell, Maryland, US.


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