The Colors Of the Counties Of Ireland

The Colors Of the Counties Of Ireland

There are two types of county flags which must be distinguished: firstly the flags which are commonly used by private individuals as a symbol of the county; secondly, flags which are used by the county councils, not as a symbol of the county, but of the council itself.
The flags in popular use are based on the colours of the county teams in Gaelic football and hurling - the most popular spectator sports. These flags are entirely unofficial and the designs vary. These flags have outgrown their sporting origins and are now widely used on festive occasions, flown alongside the European Union, national and provincial flags at shopping centres, hotels, etc. In relation to the six counties which constitute Northern Ireland, the county colours are only used in nationalist areas - the counties in Northern Ireland have been abolished for administrative purposes and the sports from which the county colours derive are not generally supported by unionists.

Connacht Counties

Galway maroon and white
Leitrim green and gold
Mayo green and red
Roscommon blue and yellow
Sligo black and white

Munster Counties

Clare yellow and blue
Cork red and white
Kerry green and yellow
Limerick green and white
Tipperary blue and yellow
Waterford blue and white

Leinster Counties

Carlow green, red and yellow
Dublin dark blue and light blue
Kildare white
Kilkenny black and 'amber' (a reddish orange)
Laois blue and white
Longford blue and gold
Louth red and white
Meath green and gold
Offaly green, white and gold
Westmeath maroon and white
Wexford purple and gold
Wicklow blue and yellow

Ulster Counties

* indicates a county in Northern Ireland

Antrim * saffron (deep yellow) and white
Armagh * orange and white
Cavan blue and white
Derry * red and white
Donegal green and gold
Down * red and black
Fermanagh * green and white
Monaghan white and blue
Tyrone * white and red

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